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An enjoyable, educational and musical DVD

Developed by parents and experts in speech and music therapy especially for children on the autism spectrum, Kibbles Rockin' Clubhouse is a DVD for young people ages 2 to 7 about learning to properly handle and speak one's feelings.

Handy Sam plays the song "Guess that Feeling"; the clubhouse crew sings about how to tell if someone is happy, sad or frustrated; and Miss Angela teaches ways to calm down when in a bad temper, such as counting to ten or doing something fun to improve one's mood.

Parent teaching tools and karaoke songs round out this enjoyable, educational, and musical DVD. Highly recommended.

- Midwest Book Review

We give a copy of the Kibbles Rockin’ Clubhouse video to all the parents who come to ATPF mentor program.  The video is a fun, engaging and colorful way to teach kids on the Autism spectrum about emotions and social skills. Our parents find it immensely helpful and many note a difference in their children after only a week of watching the video.  This video is a great resource for parents of kids with ASD.

- Todd and Dayna Hoff

Co-Founders Autism Tree Project Foundation

Very impressed with Kibbles Rockin’ Clubhouse

This DVD combines music and simple language to create a master class for autistic children on the topics of greetings and expressing emotions.  The extras on this DVD are just as valuable as the actual program.  The speech therapist and the two music therapists who helped design Kibbles Rockin’ Clubhouse talk about the theory behind the therapy and give parent strategies for incorporating music and speech therapies all day long. They also discussed how their music is comforting to kids with autism, and how they used very structured music, with lots of repetition and minimal extra language to reinforce the lessons being taught.

Overall, I was very impressed with Kibbles Rockin’ Clubhouse, and I recommend it for children with any kind of social developmental delays.

Click here to read entire review

- Mommy‘s Must Haves

Kibbles Rockin’ Clubhouse is a great way to add tools to your toolbox and to your child’s toolbox in a fun way with catchy song.  Throughout [the DVD] Miss Angela and Handy Sam demonstrate, sing about, and talk to the children so they can learn how to cope with anger, frustration, and other emotions.

I really liked the messages, and thought that they were well executed. We give Kibbles Rockin’ Clubhouse 5 spotlights out of 5, with special extra bonus points for engaging kids in our house from 4-10.  Click here to read entire review

- Spotlight at Our Gaggle of Girls

I purchased this video for my 4-year-old daughter with ASD. She is trying desperately to understand the different emotions and she absolutely loves this DVD. The creators do a good job of covering the emotions - happy, sad, proud, angry and frustrated - from how to identify the facial expressions to how to deal with feelings of angry and frustrated.

Overall, the Kibble characters are very likeable, the music is catchy, and the use of labels is well done.  I am hoping that NoteAbilities will create new volumes in the near future.

- C. McGrath, Parent

We’ve had trouble with eye contact.  It’s probably the hardest thing that my daughter struggles with, and I really appreciated that the appropriate method of using eye contact and addressing people was stressed.  I’ve noticed a big difference in the odds of [my youngest daughter] actually doing these things, and I can lay that directly to this DVD.

The interview with the speech pathologist gave me a good background as to the reason that the video was created in a certain way.  Using visuals, such as an activity schedule, typical peer modeling, and repetition were all used to create a movie that is both pleasing, stimulating and calming to a child with ASD.

Highly, highly recommended. Click here to read entire review

- Scrutiny by the Masses, Parent Blogger’s Network

What an excellent way to bridge music and social skills with a fun and dynamic resource. Just pop it in and you have an hour of Music Therapy and Speech Therapy combined. What could be easier? I loan it to clients and all the kids are "hooked" within the first few viewings. It's great because it is something kids can watch on TV while you have to cook dinner, and you don't have to feel guilty about the kids watching a video, because they are learning.

I see a little girl with ASD who is 6 years old, and she requests the CD that accompanies the DVD each speech therapy session as a reward! She sings the feelings song and acts out all the feelings, and has generalized that skill with a lot of people.

A wonderful gift for all kids and families with Autsim.  Thanks Kibbles!

- Breena Hayman, M.S. CCC-SLP, Speech -Language Pathologist

I absolutely love the "parent teaching tools" and the "therapeutic benefits" included in the video. My husband and I desperately want to learn how to best help our child when he's not in therapy and I'm hoping you always include more parent tips in the videos to follow.

- Parent

My 3 year old was recently diagnosed with autism. At first, Andy was not sure he wanted to watch it. Within 3 days it was his favorite video! He did not have a lot of spontaneous speech at the time, but one day my 2 boys wanted to watch different shows. Andy said "dog". I said, "blue's clues"?  He said, "Kibbles".  I said, "okay just a minute" and preceded to start my older son's show then Andy into the other room to watch Kibbles. When my older son's show began, Andy said, "That's not Kibbles!" which was a pretty complex sentence for him. He loves the music and has lots of "clips" memorized. He makes jokes from things he's seen in the show like requesting cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles like the little girl does at snack time, then he laughs at the joke he made. I can NOT wait for your next video to come out! We've pretty much memorized this one! God bless you and your family! Thank you for investing in the lives of these special children!

- Christina, Parent

Our son just LOVES watching Kibbles!  We have made feeling masks and he loves

singing the songs.  We can't wait for your next volume to come out!!  Thank you for all your hard work and creative skills.

- The Heimsoth Family

I just have to tell you how much Luke is enjoying your

DVD. He loves music AND dogs, so it seems to be

the perfect match for him.Right now he is really into

Kibbles’ Rockin’ Clubhouse and all he does is draw

different variations on the theme. I've attached the

picture he drew of one of his favorite 'stufties', Coco

in a clubhouse! The DVD is just great!

- Katrina, Parent

This was developed specifically for children on the autism spectrum by parents and experts in Speech and Music Therapy. The tunes are really catchy, the video is lively with many musical instruments. The forty minutes goes by quickly.  The best segment is an outdoor one where they sing about being calm, all dressed in white admiring colorful flowers in a field. Very serene like and uplifting with the music playing.

The skills taught are reinforced with Kibbles World, which is interactive having kids choose the corresponding picture or phrase that has to do with the lesson just taught. A fun engaging and motivating DVD plus the CD is great for listening at the computer or in the car. Both are hits with my nonverbal son on the autism spectrum.

- Bonnie Sayers "autismfamily", Parent

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