Kibbles Rockin’ Clubhouse has received the Teachers’ Choice Award.  It is endorsed by KIDS FIRST and is recommended family entertainment by the Dove Foundation.

“Ian LOVES Kibbles’ Rockin’ Clubhouse. He has it memorized and wants to watch it over and over again. I love the fact that he is singing songs about how to say hello and other social skills that we are working on. We can’t wait for the next video!”

-Cara, Mother

“Your DVD is so fabulous, we cannot wait for more. I ordered Kibbles Clubhouse for my grandson Jake just a few weeks ago. He has been evaluated at 18 months with early signs of autism. He usually takes a while to warm up to new things, but he loved Kibbles almost from the beginning. It is now his number 1 favorite and we have already seen major progress in his “hi’s” and “bye’s”. I see your DVD’s as being a wonderful tool even for typically developing children.

And, I have to repeat: We cannot wait for more!!!!! Please hurry!”

- Jean, Grandparent

Scott with his son Gage on set

As the parents of a child with autism, Scott and Ann Leslie understand the need for therapeutic products that capture their son Gage’s interest in a fun and motivating medium, while helping to improve his behavioral and communication skills. 

Together with speech therapist Kara Dodds and music therapists Angela Neve and Julie Guy, they formed NoteAbilities, Inc. and began the creation of the video series, “Kibbles’ Rockin’ Clubhouse.”  

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All children, especially those with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other special needs, often experience difficulty with common social skills like communication and interaction - but that's not to say they can't overcome the frustration, conquer the fear, adapt to new situations, and take part in everyday activities that mark the joys of childhood.  Kibbles Rockin' Clubhouse DVD series is a fun and effective developmental tool that incorporates video modeling with speech therapy and music therapy techniques for children with autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and other special needs.

Video modeling is a form of observational learning in which social skills are learned through repeatedly watching a video demonstration and then imitating the behavior of the model.  Video Modeling is scientifically proven to be one of the most effective treatments for improving social skills in children with autism. Kibbles Rockin’ Clubhouse combines video modeling with the techniques of music therapy.  Video modeling effectively introduces a skill, and music is the glue that helps the lessons stick. While speech is processed primarily in the left hemisphere of the brain, music is processed in the brain’s right hemisphere, so the use of music can help kids understand language accessing a different part of the brain. 

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